Audible Smiles EP

by Sam Boer

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Audible Smiles EP is a demo album, the first solo release by Sam Boer. These songs were written over the past three years, all in Guelph, Ontario. If you choose to pay for this album, (Thank you!) all proceeds will go towards making a full length album.


released December 14, 2012

These recording were (virtually) all one-take recordings, recorded in December 2012. For these recordings, Sam Boer played acoustic piano, acoustic guitar, and he sang like nobody was watching, which was often the case. Sam also did the album artwork with a sharpie and some old pastels. Timothy Watson was the co-producer and recording engineer for these recordings, which were recorded at his family's lovely Gramarti Studios. Tim also clapped and sang for track 4. He is a saint.

Thank you to family + friends + strangers who supported me through all of my crazy musical adventures thus far. Thank you to Bedsheets for giving me vast experience and buckets of fun. Most of all, thank you for listening or downloading, you make it all worthwhile. It is an honour to share this music with you.



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Sam Boer Guelph, Ontario

Sam Boer has many crazy ideas. Sometimes these ideas manifest themselves as songs. It's pretty exciting when they do that.

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Track Name: Doubt Comes In On Sunday Morning
Doubt comes in on Sunday morning
When you’ve got your back turned
How did it ever get so bad?
(How did it ever get so bad?)
Doubt comes in on Sunday morning,
When you let the toast burn
When your plate is full,
and your eyes are empty.

Why did I pretend to be so tired last Saturday night?
You say I’m afraid of life, and I think you’re right.

Disillusioned by destruction sites.

Down there, I hear someone mourning
Upstairs, there’s a crowded warning

(All this while we’re)
Waxing what remains off of our skin,
The pain, it aches, the scars were really meant to stay
But them’s the stakes,
When you don’t make mistakes
And you don’t make mistakes.

Why did I talk to break the silence on Monday night?
I hid the lock but took the violence.

Disillusioned by distractions.
Disappointed by reactions.
Track Name: Lipstick
And I’m older than I’ve ever been before
And I’m colder than the frost upon your front door
And we’re shoulder to shoulder to shoulder…
Oh I should’ve told her!! I told her nothing.

How do lips stick, how does lipstick stick to your lips?

As lights stream ahead, green screen dreams of your bed make me sleepy
The moon was out bright but now it’s out like a light and I’m weepy
You kiss me goodbye, you kiss me on the eye, and I’m temporarily blinded
Your body lies directly under your eyes as I’m constantly reminded
And I’m naked under my dreams and you tear them off me
like bedsheets when you’re sleepless ‘til morning
And you say: “I didn’t call to fight!!!”

So I took all my bones, and made myself a fort in the forest
And there all the trees welcomed me with a river of stones
My feet were so worn that I took them off as I went swimming
And I…swear that I’m growing for better.

And I told her that I’ll never be much more
That I’m older, but my hinges are still sore
And she laughed it off
And the skin was soft
And I sank and though:

“You might be the greatest in everyone”
Track Name: Old Covered Bridge
Corrosively blue skies
Waving to the water
Better father figure
Than actual father

And I wade in and out
Of my lot in the town
And the old covered bridge
Was built and will fall down

And the fire downtown
An unexpected disaster
But give up reconstruction
We just want something faster
Track Name: Piece Of Paper
I’ve got a little piece of paper in my pocket and it’s telling me to dance
Telling me to dance for you

I’ve got a little tiny rip in my shoe and it’s picking up rocks
While I walk along with you

She says:

“I’ve got a little bit of time to kill,
I’ve got a little bit of time
To waste with you.
I’ve got a little place to rest my head,
I threw out all my pillows and my bed
When I met you"
Track Name: A Box Of Matches
So the story starts in the middle
And it catches you by surprise again this time
Glorified daydreams in your eyes
Still, I…don’t feel safe unless I’m right here in your arms

(Don’t go)

But Ethelyne I’m missing
Oh Ethelyne I’m missing
Ethelyne I’m missing
A part of my story

But Ethelyne I’m missing
Oh Ethelyne I’m missing
Ethelyne I’m missing, apart

Put up signs around the neighborhood for me
He’s six feet tall, brown hair, blue eyes
You’re more likely to find him in the dark

So carry a flashlight or a box of matches on your walks...
So bring a flashlight or maybe a lighter with you on your walks...
Track Name: Carmon Creek
In Peace River, the water is terrified of the shore line
And the people have no voices, and the drillers make the choices
The largest Delta, the Athabasca, is crying tears of gasoline.
Track Name: Drunkk Luvurzz
I wish I wasn’t with you, I wish I wasn’t born to erupt
I’ve seen drunk lovers kiss, I’ve seen drunk lovers make up.
You’ve been ghosting off again, setting fire to your friends
“They’ll be ashes in the morning,” “Maybe we could make amends”
Well I’ve been tearing at the walls, let’s repaper them with skin
“I would tear through seven layers just to see what lies within”

But outside there was nothing but black
And a little bit of rain but who would want to put up with that
And inside lots of room were locked
And in one room, there was nothing but smoke, and I tried to go near it but I started to choke (on weakness awoken)
And I thought: “They must be so tired of it!!”

…But then I fell asleep right on the couch.


Wake me up in the morning, darling,
Wake me up when the sun is nearer
There will be enough to eat for everyone!!
(Or, at least,) there will be enough to eat for you.

You wish that you weren’t with me, you wish I wasn’t falling apart
You know that I don’t drink, you wish that I would start
‘Cause I’ve been crying at the ends of every night that white noise sends
I’ve been blemishing the asphalt, driving sideways to the den
Well we could move to unlocked rooms, to alleviate the pain
We could take off seven layers and step out into the rain.