Crossed Legs EP

by Sam Boer

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This is Sam Boer’s second EP, and his first with The Burnt Hills Fire Department band.

When you told her you had to stop seeing her, your fingers holding her hand like caterpillars on a leaf, she had her legs crossed. When you stayed up, staving off tears with a book under lamplight, you had your legs crossed. When you and your friends danced amongst crushed beer bottles, sweaty must permeating the tiny basement, your dancing legs crossed. When you told your best friend that no, you had never done it, and you didn’t think you were ready yet, you both had your legs crossed. You used to cross your legs in church, unintentionally elegant, until you learned that it was effeminate to do so. You used to cross your legs at the table, sitting like a yogi in training during dinnertime, until you were told to always keep your feet on the ground. You remind yourself every few minutes, every day, to keep your posture straight and even, knees bent ever so slightly, feet forward, legs evenly apart. But the most important moments, the most honest and innocent and devastating moments, occur with crossed legs.


released January 22, 2016

All songs written by Sam Boer (SOCAN) between 2012-2014.

Arrangements by Sam Boer and The Burnt Hills Fire Department (Kiran Heble, Sam Fitzpatrick, Jordan Little, Isaac Beattie-Booth, Anita Cazzola).

Recorded at CHRW studio in selectively verdant London, Ontario between February-October 2015 by Ryan Binhammer and Alex Foster-Roman.

Mixed by the eternally patient Ryan Binhammer and Alex Foster-Roman.

Mastered by Jay Hodgson.

Sam played acoustic guitar, electric piano, glockenspiel, melodica, tambourine, a large cardboard box, egg shakers, cat piano, cymbals, and thigh slaps.

Isaac Beattie-Booth played mandolin.
Anita Cazzola played a large cardboard box, egg shaker, and voice.
Liv Cazzola played voice.
Sam Fitzpatrick played upright and electric bass.
Jordan Little played electric guitar.
Kiran Heble played drums.
Isaac Kwiatkowski played the saxophone on Piece of Paper.
Braden Phelan screamed briefly on Drunkk Luvurzz.
Everybody yelped, sang, and played various kids’ instruments.

Album artwork and layout by Anita Cazzola and Sam Boer.
Photography by Anita Cazzola.

I would be nothing but a tiny, aimless speck without the love, support, kindness, open-mindedness, and passion of so many extraordinary people. Thank you to mom, dad, and J for millions of moments that have allowed me to learn and grow. Thank you to Anita for making a sandwich with me at 3 in the morning, and every glorious moment since then. Thank you to The Burnt Hills Fire Department, AKA The Curious Coyotes, AKA The Cartoon Moons, AKA The Paper Moons, the spunky, inspiringly talented band of my dreams. Thank you to all the other musicians I’ve collaborated with over the years, especially Bedsheets (remember that gig we played with a zebra in the audience?), The Breath and The Bellows, and The Lifers. Alex and Ryan – you two always make me feel purpose in what I’m doing, and indulge my eccentricities. Thank you for all your time and talent. Thank you to Jay for being a Jedi, as always. Thank you to everybody at CHRW, all my friends, fellow sophs, and musical pals at King’s and Western, and all the superheroes at John F. Ross for the encouragement. Thank you to scenic Guelph for its landscape and people. It is a city that fosters creativity at all times, from all corners. Thank you to Sue Smith for teaching me about piano and life. Thank you to re-usable water bottles, bananas, and bees. Shout-out to Sally, Simba, and Sufjan for reminding me to lie in a sunbeam every now and then.

Oh yeah, and thank YOU, kind listener, for exploring this little musical world. It’s good to have you here.



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Sam Boer Guelph, Ontario

Acoustic-based experimental folk-rock, playful as a tiger cub, that swings from quiet confidences to full-bodied roars.

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Track Name: Month of May
We don’t kiss under backseat blankets / But we might kiss in the car / We don’t want to be anywhere else, but / We don’t really care where we are / We don’t look for those things we can’t find, but / We look out for one another / You look quite a bit like your sister, but / I look nothing like my brother / And it might be a little too easy / Speaking only to compare / But we don’t care where the talking leads / As long as the talking’s there / Until the quiet comfort comes / That old words gather up / We might kiss on the mouth or the cheek, but / We don’t kiss to interrupt, no! / And we fell in love in the month of May / But then June came and it went away / We tried to reconcile July / But by August I couldn’t look you in the eye / When September came I wept / But fall fell down like a heaven-sent / And by November I believed / That Christmas would erase the grief / We may solve it all someday / But for now I’ll just look away / We don’t see each other that often / So when we do we plan every bit / We make a detailed itinerary, but / We rarely adhere to it / We don’t cage up our expectations but / Exaltations are key / You speak clearly in silver-tipped smiles / That crochet scarves of praise onto me / And we need to dress up because our winter walks / Confuse the forests for trees / But we don’t need stacks of maps, pens, or papers / To leave our footsteps for the breeze / And we stride until our hands hide / In our sleeves, lips frozen together / No, we don’t see each other that often / But we’re not impeded by the weather! / … / But January, no resolve / And Valentines can’t solve it all / So I kept my head down in March / Through April showers, cold and dark / And we may solve it all someday / But for now I’ll just look away.
Track Name: Piece of Paper
I’ve got a little piece of paper in my pocket and it’s telling me to dance / Telling me to dance for you / I’ve got a little tiny rip in my shoes and it’s picking up rocks / While I walk along with you / She says: / “I’ve got a little bit of time to kill / I’ve got a little bit of time to waste with you / I’ve got a little place to rest my head / I threw out all the pillows on my bed when I met you”.
Track Name: Put Up the Lights
I would carry you home / Just to see that you get there safely / What a bitter night to roam / Where have all of the lights gone lately? / And as you dye your best friend’s hair black / I am dying to burden my back / I think I picked the coldest of nights / To freeze my dreams and put up the lights / I would give up my sight / Just to see that my senses are senseless / Would I stay wound up tight / Winding downtown, unworthy, defenseless? / In my heart I am just not a giver / From the start her skin felt like a river / … / I would stay on the line / Hearing audible smiles repeating / But the heart I’ve outgrown / Would have told me that my family’s waiting / And my love is misleading / Have the church of our lady lights faded? / Is immaculacy overrated? / … / 1, 2, 3 / Light the tree! / As a stranger inside / The home where you reside / I am nameless, and bother / Your mother and father.
Track Name: Drunkk Luvurzz
I wish I wasn’t with you, I wish I wasn’t born to erupt / I’ve seen drunk lovers kiss, I’ve seen the lies they make up / You’ve been ghosting off again, setting fire to your friends / “They’ll be ashes in the morning,” “Maybe we can make amends” / Well, I’ve been tearing at the walls, let’s repaper them with skin / “I would tear through seven layers just to see what lies within” / And outside there was nothing but black and a little bit of rain but who would want to put up with that? / And inside lots of room were locked / And in one room, there was nothing but smoke, and I tried to go near it but I started to choke (on my weakness awoken) / And I thought: “They must be so tired of it!” / And then I fell asleep right on the couch / Saying: wake me up in the morning, darling / Wake me up when the sun is nearer / There will be enough to eat for everyone / Or at least, there will be enough to eat for you / … / You wish that you weren’t with me, you wish I wasn’t falling apart / You know that I don’t drink, but you think that I should start / ‘Cause I’ve been crying at the ends of every night that white noise sends / I’ve been blemishing the asphalt, driving sideways to the den / Well, we could move to unlocked rooms to alleviate the pain / We could take off seven layers and step out into the rain.